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Add a recording

You can create a voice recording using a voice device and the xMatters web user interface. Once you have specified the details of the recording in the web user interface, Add a recordingxMatters will call your Voice (Phone) Device to make the recording. You can also upload an existing recording file (as a new recording, or to overwrite a recording that is already in xMatters).

You must have an active voice (phone) device to create new recordings. Acceptable formats for uploaded existing recordings are PCM 8000kHz, 8bit, Mono WAV or m-law 8000kHz, 8bit, Mono VOX.

To create a recording:
  1. Do one of the following:
    1. To add a recording for a specific company, sign in to xMatters as a Company Administrator, and then click the Developer tab.
    2. To add a global recording that will be available to all Companies within the xMatters Deployment, log in as the Super Administrator, and then click the Developer tab.
  2. On the Developer tab, click Add Phone Recording.
    1. xMatters displays the Add a Phone Recording page:
  1. Enter the following information into the form:
Phone Recording General Details



Recording Phrase

The name of the phrase to be recorded. The name must be fewer than 100 characters long and may include the following characters: " * < > | \ / ? : %. These characters are translated into %HEX (a percent sign followed by a hexadecimal number).

Event Domain

The event domain to which you want to save the recording (default is All). If you logged in as a Super Administrator, this option is automatically set to Global.


A brief description of the recording (optional).

  1. Click Save to create the voice recording file.
    1. xMatters automatically assigns the new recording an ID number and adds it to the Phone Recordings page.
  2. Click Manage Recordings on the left-hand menu item and locate the new voice recording in the phone recordings list.
  1. Click the ID number link for the recording.
  1. Click Add New.
  1. In the Add Phone Recordings pop-up, click the Language drop-down list and select the language for which the recording is intended (this setting is shown only if the Company uses multiple languages).
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. To add an existing recording, click Browse, navigate to the file, and then click Save.
    2. To create a new recording, click the Phone Devices drop-down list to select the phone on which you want to be called, and then click Initiate Callout. When you receive the call, follow the instructions and record your message.
  1. To listen to a recording, click its associated green and white play icon. Allow several seconds for the playback application to start and the recording to load. If you do not have a playback application installed, you will automatically be prompted to install one.
  2. To remove the recording in all languages, click Delete Recording; to delete only specific language versions of the recording, select their associated check boxes, and then click Remove Selected.