Create custom messaging panels

You can use the xMatters Messaging API to develop custom messaging panels that allow users to inject messages into xMatters. The out-of-the-box Quick Message panel in the xMatters web user interface is an example of the Messaging API output.

  • To view this example in the xMatters web user interface, log in as an xMatters administrator, and click the Messaging tab. xMatters displays the default Quick Message panel (if deployed).

This legacy feature is not available on most xMatters On-Demand deployments.

Manage messaging panels

The xMatters Online Developer's Guide includes detailed instructions for using the Messaging API to create custom messaging panels. The following steps explain how to add the panels to the xMatters web user interface so that users can access them.

Change the default messaging panel

When Users click the Messaging tab in a default xMatters deployment, xMatters displays the Quick Message panel. You can change this behavior in xMatters by reordering the list of panels on the Messaging Panels page.

Whenever a user clicks the Messaging tab (or clicks the Send a Message option available in the Common Tasks menu), xMatters directs them to the first messaging panel listed on the Messaging Panels page. If you reorder the panels so that a custom messaging panel is the first one in the list, or remove the other messaging panels from your deployment so that your custom messaging panel is the only one remaining, then users will automatically be directed to that panel whenever they send a message.

Modify custom messaging panel details

You can define or modify the details for custom messaging panels on the Custom Messaging Panel Details page.