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Manage phone recordings

You can use the Phone Recordings page to edit and re-record phone recordings.

To manage phone recordings:
  1. Sign in to xMatters as the default Company Administrator and click the Developer tab.
  2. On the Developer menu, click Manage Recordings.
    1. xMatters displays the Phone Recordings page, as shown in Phone recordings above.
  3. To reorder the recordings in the list, click a column title.
  4. Click the ID number of a recording and do one of the following:
    1. Modify the settings on the Edit Phone Recording Details page, as described in the "Phone Recording General Details" table, above. Click Save to apply your changes and return to the Phone Recordings page, or click Reset to discard your changes and start over.
    2. To re-record a recording, click the Phone Devices drop-down list to select the phone on which you want to be called, and then click Initiate Callout. When you receive the call, follow the instructions and record your message.
    3. To replace a recording with an existing file, click Browse, navigate to the file, and then click Save. (Acceptable formats for uploaded existing recordings are PCM 8000kHz, 8bit, Mono WAV or m-law 8000kHz, 8bit, Mono VOX.)
    4. To listen to a recording, click the associated green and white play icon. Allow several seconds for the playback application to start and the recording to load. If you do not have a playback application installed, you will automatically be prompted to install one.

When you re-record or replace a recording for a given language, the version number of that recording will increase by one. The version number of an existing recording is displayed on its Details page.