Receive and respond to email alerts

Email notifications from xMatters include rich content, such as different fonts, colors, images, tables, and hyperlinks. To respond to an alert, click one of the response links in the message body (in this case, Accept or Reject):

Email notifications can be highly customized to include more information about an event, and may provide several response links that enable you to directly control the event on the management system. The example below illustrates how an email from an integrated management system might appear on a mobile phone equipped with an email browser.

The available responses allow the recipient to control the event flow, or even open the event on the originating management system:

Plain-text email alerts

Some devices and email clients cannot display HTML messages and will convert them to plain text, which displays only basic alphanumeric characters, typically in a standard font. For plain-text messages, you will be asked to reply to the email with a specific keyword in the subject line, followed by your response choice. Ensure that you follow the instructions outlined in the message text exactly as specified.

Depending on your email client and its settings, plain-text email will be displayed in one of two ways:

  • Some email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) display text that is identical to an HTML email including clickable response links, but with other HTML elements such as color and graphics removed.
  • 'Pure' plain-text email clients display an alternative plain-text message that requires the recipient to respond by typing a response in the subject line and sending the message back to xMatters.

Reply to an email alert with a comment

You can include a comment when you respond to a plain text email notification. Use comments to record additional information about your status on the Tracking tab of the events report.

To respond to an email notification with a comment, reply to the email the same way you reply to a plain-text email notification and type the comment after the response choice. For example, to reply ACCEPT to a message with the comment "Servers are experiencing a DDOS attack", reply to the email message and replace the subject with "RESPONSE ACCEPT Servers are experiencing a DDOS attack".

You cannot include a comment if you respond to an event by clicking the response links within the body of an HTML email notification.

For more information about viewing comments in the event report, see Tracking Report.