Step 6: Add response choices

The final step is to create responses that can be selected by message recipients. Configuring response options is simple, but we recommend that you read Define response options to give you an understanding of what each response element means.

For this example, we'll rely on the TTS (text to speech) engine to speak the responses to voice device recipients, but try having the system call you to record the phrases. Also, try thinking through the Contribution and Action choices and consider whether you would modify them and why.

To add response choices to the form:
  1. On the Form Details page, click the Responses tab.
  2. Click Create Response twice.
  3. Configure the Responses as they appear in the following screenshot. (If you get stuck, see Define response options
    1. For this example, you don't have to configure translations or recordings for Responses - but you can do so if you wish.

  1. Click Save Changes.