Designer > Create a communication plan > Export and import communication plans

Export and import communication plans

You can export core communication plan data for reuse in another xMatters environment, saving time and improving accuracy. For example, you might export a communication plan from a test environment to a production environment. You can even share your communication plan with people in other organization or post them to the xMatters Community.

Communication Plan Import/Export Buttons

Exports include the following communication plan data:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Properties
  • Forms:
    • Layout (position of all sections)
    • Properties (all settings)
    • Conference Bridges (all settings)
    • Attachments (section only)
    • Handling (all settings)
    • Recipients (section only, but retains status of Count Responses flag)
    • Device filters (section only)
    • Site Recipients (section only)
    • Response Overrides (section only)
  • Messages
  • Responses
  • Integration Builder integrations:
    • Inbound integration services
    • Outbound integration services
    • Endpoints
    • Constants
    • Shared Libraries

Note that exported communication plans do not include subscription forms or sender override settings.