Designer > Initiate a form by email

Configure forms for email initiation

When a communication plan form is configured for email initiation, you can initiate a corresponding event by sending an email to xMatters. The fields of the email message are mapped to text properties of the form and can be included in notifications.

To configure a form for email initiation:
  1. Click the Developer tab, and then click Manage Communication Plans.
  2. Locate the communication plan that contains the form you want to configure, and click Edit > Forms.
  3. Locate the form that you want to configure, and select the Enable Email Initiation check box to enable email initiation for the form.
    1. Clearing the check box will disable email initiation for this form.
  4. Click the Form menu, and then click Set Up Email Initiation.
  5. In the Set Up Email Initiation dialog box, map the fields of the email message to text properties of the form. 
    1. Note that any required text properties on the form must be mapped to an email field.
  6. To change the form ID, click the editable section of the sample email address and type the new form ID.
    1. You may want to change the form ID to be more readable, or you may want to change it to something hard-to-guess for security reasons.
  7. Make note of the sample email address that is displayed on this form and share it with users who want to initiate the form by email.
    1. The sample email address shows how to initiate this form with yourself as a recipient. Replace your user ID with the user ID, group name, or dynamic team name of the recipient you want to target. For more information, see Initiate a form by email.
  8. Click Save Changes.