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Personalize notifications with person and sender properties

Person and sender properties are predefined properties that you can use to personalize your notification messages (you cannot modify these property types). When a notification is sent, the sender property variable is replaced with the value that matches the message initiator and the person property variable is replaced with the value that matches the recipient.

For example, consider a message that is initiated by John Brown and sent to Terry Smith. If the body of the message in the email message editor contains "Hello person.firstName" and "sender.firstName sender.lastName", then xMatters will automatically replace person.firstName with "Terry" and sender.firstName sender.lastName with "John Brown".

Person property example (in the email editor)

The resulting email message would look similar to the following:

Person and sender properties displayed in an email message

Person and sender properties are available in each message editor (email, text, and voice). They can be added to your messages by dragging them from the Person Properties and Sender Properties panels to the desired location in the message editor. You can even add person and sender properties to the Subject field of email notifications.