Subscribe to Integration Builder alerts

If the Integration Builder encounters an error while processing an integration, the system will temporarily reduce the capacity of your organization to submit integration requests. You can use an internal system communication plan's built-in subscription form to create a subscription that will notify you when a specific integration is causing an issue.

If this subscription form has not been enabled on your system, contact your xMatters Client Success Manager for assistance.

To subscribe to Integration Builder alerts:
  1. On the Subscriptions page, click Add Subscription, and then click the name of the Integration Builder subscription form (the default is "Integration Builder: Integration Problem").
  2. On the Subscription Details page, give your subscription a name and description.
  3. Set the planName and integrationName criteria to specify the name of the communication plan and integration to which you want to subscribe.
  4. Set the remaining options to customize the subscription, and then click Subscribe.

xMatters will now send you a notification whenever a request for the specified integration fails or is canceled: The notification will include the request ID and time of the error, along with instructions to help you identify and resolve the underlying issue.