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Configure subscription domains

Users can subscribe to a subscription domain, and whenever an event occurs that matches the criteria, all users who have subscribed to that domain are notified.

Subscription domains are used to create subscriptions based on event domains; subscriptions to communication plans and forms do not use subscription domains. Instead, the subscription options are defined by a subscription form that is part of the communication plan.

To view and manage subscription domains:
  1. Click the Developer tab, and then click Subscription Domains.
    1. xMatters displays a list of subscription domains for the current company.
  1. Do one of the following:
    1. To modify an existing subscription domain, click its name in the Subscription Domains list to view its details. For more information, see the "Subscription domain details" table, below.
    2. To delete a subscription domain, select the check box next to the domains you want to delete, and then click Remove Selected.
    3. To add a new subscription domain, click the Add New link, and then specify its details as explained in the following section.