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Available event domain constants

To simplify the Integration Agent command line calls, all optional parameters have defaults. You can change the defaults by adding each parameter as an event domain constant in the xMatters web user interface (Developer > Event Domain Constants > Generic). The name of each event domain constant must match the value of the Constant Name column in the table below.

The event domain constants for the generic domain must be created manually (i.e., they are not created out-of-the-box).

Available event domain constants
Constant Name Description

Controls fail-safe functionality, notifying the fail safe recipient via EMAIL under certain circumstances; valid values are:

  • enabled: Notifies if there are no subscriptions matching or no notifiable recipients for an injected event. (This is the default value.)
  • for-subscriptions: Notifies if the subscription functionality is enabled AND no subscriptions match.
  • for-recipients: Notifies if there are no notifiable recipients.
  • disabled: Disables fail-safe functionality.

Identifies the name of the Group to notify via email if the fail safe functionality is enabled.

The default value is "Generic Failsafe"; note that this Group does not exist in an out-of-the-box installation. You must create this Group and add at least one email Device or User with an email Device to a 24x7 Coverage.

EMAILCSS Contains the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) used to format HTML emails.
EMAILFOOTER Contains the text to place at the bottom of each email notification; this text is often used for corporate boilerplate or disclaimer copy.

Used to specify the address of the xMatters web server. The links provided in notification content use this constant value to locate the web server which would process the response. For these links to work, this address must be reachable from the Device where the User will receive the notification; normally, this is the IP address or fully-qualified host name of the xMatters web server.

The default value is http://localhost:8888

uselogo Set this if you want the logo to be displayed within HTML email notifications. Default is true.
EMAILLOGOURL The URL at which the logo to be used in HTML emails can be accessed.
overridedevicerestrictions When set to true, notifications will ignore any restrictions that Users have configured on their Devices; default is false.
useemergencydevices Forces the use of User's emergency Devices; default is false.
trackdelivery Tracks when each Device is delivered to; default is false. Setting this to false may give a performance advantage, but you lose any information about whether a delivery was successful or not.
annotatedelivery Annotates when a notification is delivered to each Device; default is false. Note that setting this to false may result in a performance advantage, but will also result in the loss of any information about whether a delivery was successful.
annotate Enables submission of annotations back to the management system; default is false.
tracksubscriptiondelivery Track when each Device is delivered to for Subscriptions; default is false.
subscriptionannotate Enables submission of Subscription annotations back to the management system; default is false.
maxinvalidresponses Specifies the maximum number of invalid responses allowed before notification is no longer requeued; default value is "3".
enablehtmlemail Enables HTML email functionality; default is true.
debug Indicates whether to log informational messages for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. You may want to disable this behavior in your production systems to improve performance. Default is false.