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Event domain constants

Company Administrators and Developers can create event domain constants that will be available in scripting for all event objects associated with an event domain.

To configure event domain constants:
  1. On the Developer tab, in the Domains menu, click Event Domain Constants.
  2.  In the Event Domain drop-down list, select the event domain for which you want to create or modify the constants, and then click Continue.
    • xMatters displays the Event Constants page.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • To modify an existing constant, click its name in the list to view its details. For information about the fields and values, see below.
    • To remove a constant, select the check box next to it in the Event Domain Constants list, and then click Remove Selected.
    • To add a new constant, click the Add New link above the list, and then specify the details on the Add New Event Domain Constant page. For information about the fields and values, see below.

Define event domain constant details

If you are modifying or adding an event domain constant, you can define the following settings (Constant Name and Value are mandatory):

  • Constant Name: the name of each event domain constant must be unique within the event domain, and will automatically be converted to all upper-case when the constant is created. Constant names are limited to 100 characters or less, and can contain only alphanumeric characters, underscores, and spaces (no punctuation or other special characters).
  • Value: event domain constant values are limited to a maximum of 4000 characters from the ASCII character set (Decimal: 32 - 126).
  • Description: the description field is optional.

For more information about event domain constants, see Available event domain constants.