Invite users

(If you are not using the trial version of xMatters, refer to Add a new user)

If you are using a trial version of xMatters, you can add users through the Invite Users feature in the user interface.

The invite users feature helps you get your team members into xMatters quickly while entering a minimal amount of information. You simply enter the names and email addresses of each user, and xMatters sends them a welcome message that provides information about how to get started.

When xMatters sends the welcome message to a user, it creates a user with the role you selected on the form. The user ID is set to be the user's email address (instructions to create a password are included in the welcome message). Additionally, xMatters creates email and phone devices with the contact information you provide on the form.

Watch the video below for an overview of how to manage your users using the Invite Users feature:

Once you've added the users into xMatters, you can configure additional settings such as their site, language, timezone, and custom attributes. You can also assign supervisors, configure devices, assign roles, and add them to groups. For more information about configuring users, see Manage users.

Once you have invited users, you will be given the option to add them to a Group.

Add users to a group

After you click Send Invitations, a pop-up window will ask if you would like to add these users to a group. Groups allow you to schedule when users are on duty, the order they are notified, and how long they may take to respond. You have the option to add users to a new or existing group.

See Manage groups for more information on managing groups, viewing a group's calendar, and configuring a group's roster.