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Replicant Release

The Replicant release includes new features and enhancements for conferencing, major incident management, integrations, and much more.

Conferences Report: Simultaneously monitor all the xMatters conference bridges in your system.

Response Redirects: Automatically redirect users to a web address after they respond to a notification.

Respond With Comments to Email Notifications: Include a comment with responses to email notifications.

Notification Flood Control: Prevent users from being flooded with notifications when resolving issues from their mobile devices.

Read more about what's new in the Replicant release.

API Documentation

Our xMatters REST API documentation includes code samples in three languages, including samples for the Integration Builder that are dynamically updated when you enter your user name and host name.

Learn more.

Get stakeholders on a call

Use our conference bridge technology to resolve issues quickly.

You can connect with xMatters-hosted conference bridges or your own conference call provider.  Learn more.

Manage your team with on-call schedules

Configure shifts for your team so you always notify who's on call.

Manage group schedules

Download the mobile app

The best way to stay connected is with one of the xMatters mobile apps.

Available for iOS and Android. Download yours today.