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Rogue Release

The Rogue release includes mobile enhancements, new messaging & conference capabilities, updates to the Integration Builder, and much more.

Mobile On-Call Now: Look up the current on-call schedule for any group.

New Messaging Capabilities: Give message senders the ability to edit the content of their scheduled messages.

Conference Bridge ‘Mute All’: Manage large-scale conferences with the option to mute and unmute all attendees.

Integration Builder Shared Libraries: Write code once and share it across different inbound and outbound integrations.


Read more about what's new in the Rogue release.

Introducing the Integration Builder

The Integration Builder is the latest addition to our integration platform and communication plan design tools. It allows cloud-to-cloud integrations between xMatters and other products or systems, allowing you to easily add an automated, closed-loop communication plan to address any business interruption.

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Get stakeholders on a call

Use our conference bridge technology to resolve issues quickly.

You can connect with xMatters-hosted conference bridges or your own conference call provider.  Learn more.

Manage your team with on-call schedules

Configure shifts for your team so you always notify who's on call.

Manage group schedules

Download the mobile app

The best way to stay connected is with one of the xMatters mobile apps.

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