This integration combines an xMatters workflow with the Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA) IT systems management platform to streamline and automate IT services across disciplines. It extends Kaseya's email capabilities to multi-channel notifications, provides self-service and managed subscriptions to keep stakeholders informed of relevant incidents, and allows you to tailor message content for different device types.

The instructions cover the following topics:

Before you begin

Before you start configuring the integration in xMatters and Kaseya, you'll need to review the application requirements, then download the workflow and related integration components:

Configure xMatters

The first step in configuring this integration is to set up the components on the xMatters side:

Configure Kaseya

Next, you'll need to configure Kaseya so it can communicate with xMatters using REST Web Service calls:

Troubleshooting the integration

The xMatters.ps1 file contains a $debug variable that will print detailed information about the REST request to the xM_Script_Path\xM.log file. Inspect this file for any errors.