Google Stackdriver delivers software for monitoring and managing networks and systems. When events meet predetermined criteria, this integration with xMatters relays critical Stackdriver insight data to the correct people and systems to help them coordinate and resolve incidents faster.

Do more with this integration

Incorporate this integration into your orchestrated incident resolution workflows with Flow Designer. After you create a configuration, the Flows tab appears. From there, you can build your flows — add new response options, connect to other apps, or even create new xMatters events based on activities in the flow — enriching the information injected by this integration along the way.

Get started with Stackdriver

How to set up this integration

After you give your configuration a name and description, type a name to use when sending alerts (so you can easily tell which configuration or integration the alerts are from).

Set the priority you want to assign to events generated by this configuration. You can create multiple configurations if you want to assign different priorities to events coming from Stackdriver.

Choose what xMatters should do when it receives an incident with a 'closed' state from Stackdriver:

  • Terminate events for closed incidents: This terminates an existing event in xMatters when the incident is closed in Stackdriver.
  • Ignore all closed incidents: xMatters ignores incidents coming from Stackdriver with a closed state. No existing events are terminated and no new event is created.

Select the Include documentation in notifications checkbox if you want to include the information in the Documentation section of the Stackdriver Alerting Policy in the notifications sent by xMatters.

Add all of the users and groups you want to be notified (see Manage groups and Manage users for information on setting up groups and users).

After you save the configuration, xMatters displays the URL that you use for the webhook in Stackdriver – just click Copy and you're ready to head over to Stackdriver.

Use your integration

When Alert Policy thresholds are breached, the integration sends a notification to xMatters, which notifies the appropriate users or on-call resources on their preferred device.

Extending your integration

Looking to do more with xMatters and Stackdriver? If you want to tailor the settings and notifications for the integration, you can convert it to a custom workflow.