Using webhook configurations, you can create and design your own custom integrations with any application or tool capable of sending an HTTP POST to xMatters. All you have to do is send a request to this configuration, and xMatters automatically creates an alert and send messages to your recipients.

You can also send alert, delivery, and response updates to your application at any endpoint URL you choose.

Do more with this integration

Incorporate this integration into your orchestrated incident resolution workflows with Flow Designer. After you create a configuration, the Flows tab appears. From there, you can build your flows — add new response options, connect to other apps, or even create new xMatters alerts based on activities in the flow — enriching the information injected by this integration along the way.

Set up a webhook configuration

After you give your configuration a name and description, type a name to use when sending alerts (so you can easily tell which configuration or integration the alerts are from), and add all of the users and groups you want to be notified.

Once you save the configuration, xMatters displays the URL and payload you need to configure your webhook:

Now just send a POST to the integration URL from your application, and include the content within the payload.

If you added your own email address as one of the recipients in the configuration settings, you should get an email that looks a lot like this: