Create, delete, and export groups

The Groups page displays the groups that you have permission to view.  You can locate the Groups page by clicking the Groups tab. (The Groups tab is not available to users that do not have permission to view groups.)

The group list displays information about each group, including the group name and description, a summary of the group's shifts, and whether the group is active and complete. You can limit the group list to display only groups that you supervise or that match search criteria such as the group name or description.

The following image illustrates how groups may appear on the Groups page:

  • Both of the Cleaning Staff and Customer Service groups contain multiple shifts and are active and complete.
  • The Delivery group does not contain any members, so it is marked as not complete.
  • The Executive group uses a 24x7 shift, but is not active and therefore cannot receive notifications.

The following sections describe some of the actions you can perform on the Groups page.