Duplicating an Event

Duplicating an event allows you to quickly copy an existing event, modify some of its properties, and resend it. This allows you to make minor adjustments to an event and resend it without manually adding recipients, setting property values, and specifying devices. Use this feature to send an update to an existing event or to troubleshoot delivery problems.

When duplicating an event, xMatters creates a new, separate event, and re-notifies recipients. Ensure that you do not accidentally duplicate a real emergency.

Duplicate an event based on a form

Duplicating an event based on a form can be performed from anywhere on the Event Details report.

To duplicate an event based on a form:
  1. Click the Reports tab, and then click the event that you want to duplicate.
  2. Click Options, and then click Duplicate Event.
    1. The form is displayed and its properties are set to the values of the current event.
  3. Adjust the values of the properties to reflect any changes that you want to make to the event.
    1. If the form contains a conference bridge, you can create a new conference bridge or connect to one that is in progress.
  4. Click Send Message.