Report Card

The report card provides an at-a-glance summary of the message delivery performance levels, including a clear Pass/Fail evaluation. If your organization needs to meet specific delivery performance targets, you can use this report to quickly view whether these targets were met.

An event is marked as Pass when a minimum number of messages are successfully delivered. This number is calculated as a percentage of the total number of deliveries. If you would like to change the percentage of successful deliveries required for an event to be marked as Pass, contact Customer Support.

From the report card, you can view and export the users that had specific delivery results. This enables you to quickly see which users did not receive a message, which users have not responded, and which users received and responded to a message.

When an event is configured to use response counts, the report card evaluates whether the response count targets were met instead of whether the messages were successfully delivered. An event that uses response counts is marked as Pass if all of the response groups meet their configured minimum number of responses. If any of the response groups do not reach their configured minimum, the event is marked as a Fail.

Report card fields
Initiator Name The name of the user who initiated the event.
Start Date The date and time that the event started.
Duration The duration of the event. This value shows the entire scheduled duration of the event, even if the event was terminated early.
Delivery Time The amount of time between when the event is initiated and the final notification is delivered.
Successful Deliveries The number of successfully delivered notifications.
Pass Target The number of notifications that are required to be successfully delivered in order for the event to "pass". If you would like to change the percentage of successfully notifications to consider an event to "pass", contact Customer Support.
To access and work with the report card:
  1. On the event report, click the Report Card tab.
  2. To view a summary of deliveries based on the delivery result, such as Responded, Delivered, Not Notified, and Failed, click the User Totals tab.  For more information about delivery outcomes, see Understand delivery outcome totals.
  3. To view a summary for deliveries by Device Type, such as Phone, Email, and SMS Phone, click the Device Totals tab.
  4. If there are delivery failures, the Show Failures button appears. Click Show Failures to quickly view a list of users who experienced device failures.

Understand delivery outcome totals

On the Users Totals tab, the table at the bottom of the report summarizes the status of each delivery attempt using the following terms:

  • Delivered: Number of users who had at least one notification delivered to one of their devices, but who have not yet responded.
  • Responded: Number of users who have responded to a notification. Only the user's last response counts towards this number.
  • Not Notified: Number of users who have not been notified on any device. This may be because they have not configured any notifiable devices or because the event terminated before the notification was sent. In this case, xMatters did not attempt to notify the user.
  • Failed: Number of users that xMatters attempted to notify but did not receive a notification because delivery failed on all devices. This may be because of an incorrect device configuration, problems with the service provider, etc. In this case, the message cannot be delivered and xMatters does not attempt to deliver the notification again.
  • Total: The total number of targeted users

The Delivery Result column displays a hyperlink when the category has at least one delivery. You can click on this hyperlink to view a list of the users with that delivery result. Use this feature to quickly see how users responded to the notification or to identify which users were not notified or did not respond.