Properties report

The Properties report lists detailed information about an event, including event identifiers, information about the status and priority of the event, and other details such as who initiated the event, links to attachments, and values of form properties.

The Profile section of the report displays the xMatters-specific information for the event, including the event identifiers, priority, and the current status of the event.

The Input section displays properties about the event, including who initiated the event, the event recipients, and the values of form properties. If the event contained attachments, the xpattachments row contains links to the sent attachments. The Type column displays the type of form properties.

The Outbound Integrations section is displayed if any outbound integrations were requested for the event. This section includes information about the requested integrations, including the action the integration performed, the type of system activity which triggered the integration, and details about the URL, endpoint, or integration service that the outbound integration sent data to. The name field of the outbound integration is a link that you can click to go directly to the outbound integration in the Integration Builder.