Export and import event domain information

The Export Integration feature allows you to export the scripts and event domain constants for any of the event domains in your system to an XML file. You can then import the XML file to another xMatters deployment and recreate the event domain and its associated settings in a single step. This feature is particularly useful for anyone implementing an integration on a test system before moving it into a production deployment.

To export event domain information:

On the Event Domains page, click the Export Integration icon for the event domain for which you want to export the information.

xMatters will export the information to an XML file, and save it according to your browser settings; depending on your configuration, this might include a dialog box prompting you to specify the location to which you want to save the file, or your browser might automatically save the file directly to your hard drive.

The name of the event domain and the date and time at which it was created are included in the file name.

Once you have exported the event domain information, you can then use the web user interface to import it into another deployment.

To import event domain information:
  1. Copy the exported XML file to a location on the server to which you want to import it.
  2. Log in to the web user interface on the target deployment and navigate to the Event Domains page.
  3. Above the Event Domains table, click Import New.
  4. On the Import Integration page, click the Choose File button.
  5. Use the dialog box to locate and select the XML file you want to import.
  6. On the Import Integration page, click Upload.

xMatters will create a new event domain and import the scripts and constants contained in the XML file. If an event domain of the same name already exists in the target system, xMatters will add a number to the new domain; the existing domain will not be changed in any way.