There are currently 43 language options for the message and response editors in the web user interface which can be enabled for client use on a per-company basis. This allows you to add your own translated content for email, app, and text messages, for responses, and your own recordings for voice interactions. When users select one of your company's languages as their preferred language for communication, they'll receive any pre-defined messages or responses provided in that language, if available.

A user's default language is determined by their site and country. Users can update the default value to their preferred language in their user profile settings.

Manage languages

You can manage languages on the Languages page in the xMatters web user interface.

To view and manage languages:
  1. In the Admin menu, under Location, click Languages.
  1. On the Languages page, do one of the following:
    1. To add Languages, select them in the Available Languages list and then click Add.
    2. To remove Languages , select them in the Selected Languages list and then click Remove.
  2. To save your selections, click Save.

During voice notifications, the default voice recording scripts prompt users to select from a list of available languages. This list is not updated automatically when you adjust the list of languages available in a company, but can be updated by xMatters Customer Support.