Configure subscription domains

Users can subscribe to a subscription domain, and whenever an event occurs that matches the criteria, all users who have subscribed to that domain are notified.

Subscription domains have been deprecated for xMatters On-Demand; they are used to create subscriptions based on event domains, which are no longer available or configurable on most deployments. Subscriptions to communication plans and forms are defined by a subscription form that is part of the communication plan.

To view and manage subscription domains:
  1. Click the Developer tab, and then click Subscription Domains.
    1. xMatters displays a list of subscription domains for the current company.
  1. Do one of the following:
    1. To modify an existing subscription domain, click its name in the Subscription Domains list to view its details. For more information, see the "Subscription domain details" table, below.
    2. To delete a subscription domain, select the check box next to the domains you want to delete, and then click Remove Selected.
    3. To add a new subscription domain, click the Add New link, and then specify its details as explained in the following section.