Time zones

Each site has a default time zone. When a user is assigned to a site, their default time zone is set to match that of the site. You can also assign other time zones, from which users can choose if they want to override the default time zone setting.

Manage time zones

xMatters uses the standard two-letter country code followed by the city name. For example, US/Los Angeles. To make time zones available to users, define them on the Time Zones page. For more information on the supported time zones, see List of time zones.

To view and manage time zones:
  1. In the Admin menu, under Location, click Time Zones.
  2. If there is more than one Company in the system, select the Company for which you want to manage the Time Zones, and then click Continue.
    1. xMatters displays a list of Time Zones for the Company.
  1. On the Time Zones page, do one of the following:
    1. To add Time Zones to the Company, select them in the Available Time Zones list and then click Add.
    2. To remove Time Zones from the Company, select them in the Selected Time Zones list and then click Remove.
  2. To save your selections, click Save.