Configure outgoing caller ID

Users with sufficient permissions can configure a specific number to display on phones that have the ability to show caller ID information for incoming calls. Setting the caller ID can help recipients recognize that they are receiving a notification from xMatters. If your company is configured to allow users to call in to xMatters to check their messages, you may want use the call-in number as your outgoing caller ID.

This topic describes how to set the default outgoing caller ID for a company. Workflow designers can override the outgoing caller ID for individual forms.

To display a name instead of a phone number, register the phone number in the caller name identification database for your region. In the United States, this is the CNAM database.

The Outgoing Caller ID section of the Company Details page allows company administrators to select one of the following ways to define the default caller ID:

  • Default: the default xMatters caller ID. xMatters determines this number based on how your company is configured.
  • Reserved: a number from a particular country and area code. This number is selected from a pool of available numbers that have been reserved by your protocol provider.
  • Custom: any phone number that you are able to access. xMatters phones this number and prompts you to enter a validation code.

Configure a reserved caller ID

If you would like the outgoing caller ID to appear to come from a particular country and area code, you can select one of the numbers that has been reserved by your protocol provider. Once you select a reserved number, your protocol provider provisions it and assigns it to your account.

To select a reserved number:

  1. On the Company Details page, locate the Outgoing Caller ID section and select Reserved.
  2. In the drop-down list, select the country that you would like to use for the outgoing caller ID.
  3. In the text area next to the Search button, type the area code that you would like to use for the outgoing caller ID, or leave it blank to view phone numbers for all area codes.
  4. Click Search.The Search Available Caller IDs dialog displays the available reserved numbers for the selected country and area code. You can filter this list to display numbers in a specific area code by typing the area code in the search box. You cannot search for other segments of the phone number or search using partial area codes.
  5. Select a number, and click OK.

Configure a custom outgoing caller ID

This option allows you to use any phone number that you have access to. When you select a custom number, xMatters phones the number and prompts you to enter a verification code on your phone's keypad.  

Use the format +[optional_country_code][area code][phone number] to specify the custom phone number. The number cannot include spaces or non-numerical characters except for "+" when the optional country code is provided. Even though the country code is optional, testing has found that including the country code improves the reliability of the caller ID function.

Example custom phone numbers


To configure a custom outgoing caller ID:

  1. On the Company Details page, locate the Outgoing Caller ID section and select Custom.
  2. Type the phone number that you want to use as an outgoing caller ID.
    • xMatters displays a dialog that contains a validation code. Make a note of this validation code before you dismiss the dialog.
  3. Wait for xMatters to call the custom phone number, and enter the validation code on your phone's keypad when you are prompted to do so.

If you do not successfully validate the phone number, wait several minutes for the call sequence to complete and then try again.