View a User Performance report

The User Performance report allows administrators and supervisors to view statistics about how users have responded to notifications. The report can be used to identify recipients that are not performing as expected.

Some things to remember about this report:

  • The performance reports do not include notifications or responses related to subscriptions.
  • The performance report does not include data for active alerts; it is updated only after alerts have been terminated.
  • For performance reports to work, an administrator must define how each response choice contributes towards evaluating performance, and define at least one "Positive" response contribution value. For more information, see Configure response contribution values.
To generate a User Performance report:
  1. Click the Users tab.
  2. On the users menu, click User Performance.
    1. xMatters generates a User Performance report for the users you supervise.
  3. To view specific users, use the tools on the User Performance page to refine the list.
    1. You can also click the Date drop-down list to select a length of time for which you want to display alerts. If the time frame you want to use is not listed as an option, click Date Range to enter a specific start and end time. The report will retain this date range when viewing a Trending Report for a specific user.
  4. In the report, do any of the following:
    1. Click the Options icon and then select Export to create a spreadsheet of the currently displayed report information.
    2. Click the Trending Report (bar graph icon) button next to a user's name to view an Average Response Time Report for that user. For more information, see Average Response Time Report.

For an explanation of the column data in the performance report, see Interpret performance report data.