Search for users and groups

The Users and Groups page display items in a scroll-and-load list. When this list contains a large number of items, you may want to refine the contents of the list by using the available search options.

When you navigate away from the Users page or the Groups page, xMatters remembers some of your search options, and re-applies them the next time you visit the same page. For example, if you search for users who belong to a specific site and then click away to view a user's details, the next time you navigate back to the Users page it displays the same search.

Every time you modify the contents of the search bar, the results in the list will be updated to include only those items that match all of the criteria you specify; i.e., the list will not contain any items that match only part of the criteria.

User-specific search options

Some available search options apply to users but do not apply to groups. Search filters allow you to locate users who have account configuration issues such as being inactive or unsupervised or who have problems with their devices. The advanced search allows you to quickly create more elaborate searches for specific situations.