Convert email integrations to Flow Designer

Email triggers in Flow Designer work a little bit differently than our legacy email form initiation feature. In Flow Designer, xMatters does not create a new event when an email trigger is initiated. Instead, you can create events at any point in your flow using an xMatters Create Event step. By replacing your existing form initiation emails with a flow, you have the option to include other steps in your workflow before you trigger an event.

This is useful if you'd like to first perform actions in other systems and include information about these actions in the event notification. For example, you could send an email to first open a ticket in a service desk and start a chat room, and then map the ticket number and chat room link to properties on your form so they're included in the notification.

You can also connect additional steps to your flow after the xMatters event step to further extend your workflow, and pass information about the event into other systems further along in the flow. For example, perhaps you'd like to post the conference bridge number for the event into the chat room you created in a previous step.

For more information about using Flow Designer to connect complex processes into a single, automated toolchain, see Design a Flow.