Deploy a form

Deploying a form makes it available for use by message senders. Depending on how you deploy a form, it may be available from the web user interface, xMatters mobile apps, the REST API or email form initiation. If a form is not deployed, it cannot be used to send notifications and any associated flows won't run.

It is a best practice to deploy forms only to the locations where message senders will need to access them, for example, deploy forms to the mobile app when message senders need to use them when they are on the go. Deploy a form to web services only when you want to initiate that form from another application.

To deploy a form:

  1. Click the Not Deployed drop-down list.(This label may be different if some deployment options are already selected.)
  2. Select the deployment options that you want to enable:
    • Enable in Web UI: displays the form on the Messaging tab of the web user interface
    • Enable in Mobile App: enables the form in mobile apps.
    • Enable for Web Service: allows the form to be accessed by the REST API. For more information about using the REST API to initiate events, see the Events endpoint.