Deploy a form

Deploying a form makes it available for use by message senders. Depending on how you deploy a form, it may be available from the web user interface, xMatters mobile apps, the REST API, or a combination of those. If a form is not deployed, it cannot be used to send notifications and any associated flows won't run.

It is a best practice to deploy forms only to the locations where message senders need to access them; for example, deploy forms to the mobile app if message senders need to use them when they are on the go. Deploy a form to web services only when you want to initiate that form from another application.

To deploy a form:

  1. Click the drop-down list beside the form name. (The label for this list varies depending on the options selected.)

  1. Select the deployment options that you want to enable:
    • Enable in Web UI: displays the form on the Messaging tab of the web user interface
    • Enable in Mobile App: enables the form in mobile apps.
    • Enable for Web Service: allows the form to be accessed by the REST API. For more information about using the REST API to initiate events, see the Events endpoint.