Export and import communication plans

You can export core communication plan data for reuse in another xMatters environment, saving time and improving accuracy. For example, you might export a communication plan from a test environment to a production environment. You can even share your communication plan with people in other organizations or post them to the xMatters Community.

Exports include the following communication plan data:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Properties
  • Forms:
    • Layout (position of all sections)
    • Properties (all settings)
    • Conference Bridges (all settings)
    • Attachments (section only)
    • Handling (all settings)
    • Recipients (section only, but retains status of Count Responses flag)
    • Device filters (section only)
    • Site Recipients (section only)
    • Response Overrides (section only)
  • Flows:
    • Any triggers, steps, and connections between steps used on the flow canvas
  • Messages
  • Responses
  • Integration Builder integrations:
    • Inbound integration services
    • Outbound integration services
    • Endpoints
    • Constants
    • Shared Libraries

Exported communication plans do not include subscription forms or sender override settings.