Flow trigger forms

Flow trigger forms support incident resolution workflows and let you connect a form to a flow so it runs when a user submits the form.

After you create the form, associate it with a form trigger on a canvas in the workflow. Properties from the form become outputs of the form trigger that can be passed to steps further down the flow. Connect an Initiate Incident step and a Create Event step to allow users to initiate incidents and notify resolvers using the Initiate Incident button or widget or the xMatters mobile app; add any other steps you want to run when the form is submitted (for example, creating or updating records in other system or posting to a status page).

Flow trigger forms only include the Layout tab. The form layout is very flexible and easy to modify. Form elements and properties can be added and rearranged using drag-and-drop, and sections can be removed with one click. For the sections that can be added to a flow trigger form, see form sections.