Design your form's layout

The form layout is very flexible and easy to modify. Form elements and properties can be added and rearranged using drag-and-drop, and sections can be removed with one click.

Choose section types

Predefined and custom sections are available to add to your forms. Predefined sections allow you to configure commonly-used sections as required (these are described in detail below). Custom sections allow you to add content that is specific to the situation you are trying to address, but not covered by any of the predefined sections.

Predefined sections

The following predefined sections are available for your forms.

Custom sections and properties

A custom section is a special form section that allows you to add properties to a form. When you want to add a property, first add a custom section and then drag a property to it. You can add multiple properties to a single custom section, or add multiple custom sections to your form and add one or more properties to each. For more information, see Define form properties.

Adding a property to the form also makes if available to flows associated with the form in Flow Designer, where you can include the information in a flow, send it to the applications in your toolchain, and set up automatic routing based on the value of a property.

Tip: If you have many properties defined, you can find a specific property quickly by starting to type its name in the Filter Properties search field. You can also add a new property directly from the Form Details page by clicking the plus (+) icon in the Properties panel.

Add, order, and remove form sections

To add a section to a form, drag it from the Sections panel to the desired location on the form. A blue line will appear on the layout tool to show you where the section will be placed. You can also later move the section using drag-and-drop, or remove the section by clicking its red X icon.

Review your form

If you want to see how your form will look to a message sender, click View Form. Note that the form must be deployed, and that you must have the permissions to view it. To go back to the form designer, click Edit Layout.