Configure response counts

If you have selected the "Count Responses" check box on the Recipients section of your form, you can use the Contribution and Action drop-down lists to specify whether a response should count towards meeting a required minimum number of responses for each group of recipients. Once the defined "fill count" has been met, xMatters will stop notifying the target group. Once all groups have met their fill counts, or the total number of responses determines that the fill count cannot be reached, the event will be terminated.

For information on setting response action options, see Configure response actions.

For each response, you can specify whether it should be added to or excluded from the fill count:

Response count options
Value Result
Add to Count The response is counted towards the total, and xMatters stops notifying the responder.
Do Not Add to Count The response does not count towards the total. xMatters stops notifying the responder and immediately escalates the event by attempting to notify the next recipient.