Configure Site Recipients

Forms with a Site Recipients section allow you to send messages to users based on the site they belong to. This allows you to target users at a specific location or in a certain geographical area. For example, if a severe snowstorm is approaching in the Boston area, you could send a notification to users at sites in the storm's path. If a contaminated food item has been distributed to grocery stores in California, you could send an high-priority alert to the employees of the specific stores that may be affected.

When you select a site, the users located at the site are targeted for notification, regardless of whether they are included in the Recipients section of the form. The system automatically prevents duplicate messages to users who are included as both recipients and site recipients.

Viewing the site map

The Site Recipients section displays a map of the sites in your system. Individual sites are represented by pins on the map. When several sites are located in close proximity to each other, they are clustered together and represented by a circle and the number of sites in the cluster.

You can view the selected sites in the following ways:

  • Pins that represent individual sites display a check mark when the site is selected.
  • Site clusters display the number of selected sites and the total number of sites. When any of the sites within a cluster are selected, the cluster is displayed in blue.
  • The panel located to the right of the map displays a list of selected sites.
  • The number of selected sites and the total number of selected recipients are displayed below the map.

If the location information for a site has not been configured then it will not appear on the map.

You can refine the area of the map that is displayed:

  • Use the zoom (+/-) tool to adjust the map's zoom level.
  • Click and drag the map to view a specific geographical area.
  • Switch between satellite and topographical views by clicking the Map and Satellite buttons.
  • Click a site cluster to zoom in to the sites in the cluster.

Selecting sites

The Site Recipients section provides a set of tools that you can use to select sites on the map. Sites selected with one tool remain selected when you make another selection using the same or a different tool. For example, you can use the shape tool to select the sites contained within a large area, and then use the manual tool to select sites that fall outside of the area defined by the shape.