Integrate with an external system

Email form initiation provides you with a powerful way to generate xMatters events from any system that is capable of sending an email. You can use this feature to initiate xMatters events automatically from your custom application or almost any cloud-based application, monitoring system, social media platform, e-commerce platform, or customer relationship management tool.

The email address that your external system uses to send requests must be recognized by xMatters. Otherwise, the request will be rejected. To enable xMatters to recognize emails from your external system, complete one of the following tasks:

  • Add the external system email address as a device for a user that is already authorized to initiate the form.
  • Create a new user in xMatters to represent the external system. Give this user permission to initiate the form, and create a device for the external system email address.
  • Use a service that can receive an email message from your external system and resend it using an email address that is authorized to initiate the form.

For more information about setting up email form initiation and troubleshooting tips, see Initiate a form by email.

xMatters accepts 9 and 10 character BATV-encoded email addresses.

If your system does not have the ability to send email messages, check out services like Zapier, which can be used to send email messages from a wide range of popular applications.

You may also be interested in these other ways to integrate with xMatters:
  • Built-in integrations: Installed right from the Integration Directory, built-in integrations let you easily connect with a single application.
  • Integration Builder: Allows cloud-to-cloud integrations between xMatters and other products or systems, letting you easily add an automated, closed-loop communication plan linking these systems. For more information about setting up inbound and outbound integrations, see Integration Builder.
  • xMatters Agent: Process Integration Builder scripts behind your company firewall. For installation instructions, see xMatters Agent.
  • xMatters REST API: Integrate with xMatters using any programming language that has the ability to make HTTP requests. For a list of available endpoints, see Introduction to the xMatters REST APIs.