Configure default handling options

This section describes how to configure the appearance of handling options on forms. To learn about the options themselves, see Understand notification handling options.

Form designers can configure many aspects of the handling options:

  • Default values: optimize handling options by setting the default values for your business processes
  • Visibility: control which options can be modified from their default values by defining their visibility to the message sender
  • Order: place important options first by specifying the order in which handling options appear on the form
  • Expanded/Collapsed view: prioritize visibility or space-saving by controlling whether the Handling section appears by default in an expanded or collapsed view on the form
  • Voicemail Option selection: take granular control over which voicemail options are presented to the message sender for standard phone notifications and conference calls.

These settings provide you with a highly flexible way to tailor the handling options for common or unexpected situations so that a message sender can configure these options as quickly and accurately as possible.