Define a text property

Text properties allow designers to add text strings of up to 20,000 characters to messages. Designers can specify a default value and a minimum and maximum size for the field.

For example, a text property field named Additional Info might be added to a form and its related messages to allow the message sender to add any current information that will help notification recipients understand the situation.

When a text property is added to a message, its value will replace the property when the form is initiated. For example, if you add a text property to your messages named tollFreeNumber and its default value is 1-800-555-5555, this value will replace the property name wherever it appears when the form is sent. If the phone number later changes, you can simply modify the value of the text property, rather than changing every instance of the property name in your workflow (of course, message senders can also change this value when initiating a form).

Here's how the latter example property will appear to the message sender:

A subset of HTML tags can be used to format text properties in email notifications. For more information, see HTML in text form properties.

To define the property, specify the following details and then click Create Property or Save Changes: