Specify response counts

Response counts (also known as fill counts) allow you to control the number of recipients that must respond to a message before xMatters stops attempting to notify a group.

You can use this feature to ensure that a specific set of skills is represented in a business process or that a certain number of the appropriate people are notified for each incident or emergency. For example, you could notify a large group of technicians about a technical problem and, once five people have indicated that they are able to attend, stop notifying the rest of the group.

You could also specify a different response requirement for multiple groups targeted by the same message. For example, if an accident occurs on a factory floor, you might want to make sure that at least one person with medical training can get to the scene, ensure that one of the on-duty managers is notified, and have four of the nearby floor workers attend in case there is heavy lifting required.

If a recipient responds to a notification with an option that indicates they cannot contribute to the response count, xMatters immediately escalates the event and begins attempting to notify the next scheduled recipient.

You can use the response counts options in the Recipients section of a form to configure response counts for messages you send using that form. Form designers can preconfigure response counts when they create the form and, depending on the form options, message senders can modify the response counts before sending the message.

For more information about configuring responses for forms that use response counts, see Configure response counts.