Locate the identifier for a subscription form

Some REST methods use Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) to identify components such as forms and properties. Using these identifiers is an easy and reliable method of identifying exactly the form or element you want. You can access these identifiers in the web user interface while you are creating your forms, or by logging in and navigating to the element you want to identify.

You can access the identifier for a subscription form on the subscription form's design page.

To locate the identifier for a subscription form:
  1. Log in to xMatters, and then click the Developer tab.
  2. Locate the communication plan containing the subscription form you want to identify, and click Edit > Forms.
  3. Locate the correct form, and click Edit > Subscription Forms.
  4. On the Subscription Forms tab, click the Edit button next to the form you want to identify.
    1. xMatters displays the Design Subscription Form page. The identifier for the subscription form is in the API row of the Details section.