Understand response actions

The response actions you assign to each response can affect how (and when) xMatters continues to notify other recipients in the escalation path. This behavior, especially for messages that include a "Stop Notifying x" or "Escalate" option, can get complicated when groups are ‘nested’ (i.e., groups are members of other groups), and when other recipients are also targeted by the same event. This complexity can increase even further when recipients are targeted by several paths. For example, a user may be a member of multiple targeted groups, or may be targeted as a group member and as an individually-targeted user.

The "End" response option terminates the event in xMatters, and stops the notification process for all recipients, even if the response came from within a nested group or an individually targeted user.

While not meant to be comprehensive, the following examples outline the behavior of the "Stop Notifying Target" response in some common situations, and also include a few clarifications about the Escalate response.