Microsoft Teams steps

Flow Designer has a built-in step to help you integrate Microsoft Teams into your event management and incident response flows.

The following step is available:

  • Post to Channel (Connector): automatically post a message to a channel, populating it with information from the event or previous steps in the flow.

In the example above, the flow creates a ServiceNow incident based on a person's response to the event notification. A Jira Cloud issue is then created with information from the event and the ServiceNow incident. A message is posted to a Teams channel, including information from the source system, the ServiceNow incident and the Jira Cloud issue.

To use this step, you need a webhook connector in your Microsoft Teams channel. You'll use the address of that webhook as the endpoint for the step.

Post to Channel (Connector)

Use the Post to Channel step to automatically post a message to a channel in Microsoft Teams, using the input to populate the message.