View integration requests in the Log report

You can view Integration Builder information in the Log report for any event that includes outbound integration requests. Each log message includes the following information:

  • Name of the integration
  • Trigger type (status, delivery, response, comments, escalations)
  • What triggered the integration
  • Status of the integration

For example, the following log message indicates that the integration named 'Slack' had an event status update of ACTIVE and the change in event status was triggered by the admin user. The log message provides the request ID that can be used to look the integration request up in the Activity Stream for additional information.

Slack accepted event status update ACTIVE. Event status change triggered by admin. Check Activity Stream for {"requestId":"643df777-c4c8-4340-b710-1a5d9321f5a7"}

Integration Builder requests are identified in the Log report by the Integration Builder icon (a left-pointing arrow).