Export and import integrations

Integrations you create using the Integration Builder are automatically included when you export and import communication plans. You do not need to import them separately. For more information about exporting and importing communication plans, see Export and import communication plans.

For 'Send to Integration Agent' outbound integrations, if the integration service name or Integration Agent ID does not exist in the xMatters system that the communication plan is being imported to, the values for these fields will not be imported. The communication plan import status dialog will display a message importing these values was unsuccessful.

Legacy callbacks

If you are importing a communication plan that was exported before the Task Force X quarterly release (Sept 2016), Integration Builder callbacks defined as part of a form will be migrated to 'Run a script' outbound integrations in the Integration Builder. Integration Agent and HTTP callbacks are not included in exported communication plans and are not imported, but HTTP callbacks will be automatically migrated to Send a webhook outbound integrations as part of the quarterly release update process.