Integration Directory

The Integration Directory provides integrations between xMatters and third party applications that you can install in your xMatters deployment. Integrations connect xMatters and third-party applications to share data and functionality. There are two kinds of integrations listed in the directory:

  • Built-in integrations can be installed in xMatters right from the Integrations Directory, and have a streamlined configuration process.
  • Packaged integrations are available for download, along with detailed configuration and set up instructions, from the xMatters Support site.

The following sections describe how to access and use the Integration Directory. For detailed instructions on how to configure any of the available built-in integrations, see

Activity Stream

The Integration Directory includes an Activity Stream for each configuration that allows you to monitor requests in the system and view the details and history of completed events.

When you create a new configuration, xMatters temporarily logs the first 25 outbound or inbound requests for the configuration. After that, it only logs failed requests to help in troubleshooting.

If you're looking at a packaged or custom integration, the Activity Stream functions a little differently.