Define user service providers

You can define the details for each User Service Provider using the Service Provider Details page.

To modify User Service Provider details:
  1. On the Service Provider Details page, enter the following information into the form:
User Service Provider Details settings




Name of the Service Provider. This is the name that Users will see in the Provider drop-down list on the Device Details page (e.g., Email Device Details page).


Description of the Service Provider.

Device Types

Device type to associate with this Service Provider.

PIN Mask

How many characters of the User’s PIN are used for this provider.

  1. Click Save.
    1. If you are creating a new User Service Provider, xMatters displays the Select Your Protocol Providers page. In the Available Protocol Providers box, select the Protocol Providers you want to add to the User Service Provider, and then click Add. To save your work and return to the User Service Providers list, click Save.
  2. To prevent the User Service Provider from using a Protocol Provider when notifying a Device, select the Protocol Providers you want to disable, and then click Disable Selected.
    1. This does not disable the Protocol Provider in xMatters, but deactivates it within the User Service Provider.
  3. To change the order in which the User Service Provider uses the Protocol Providers, click the Reorder link above the Protocol Providers table. On the Order Protocol Providers page, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order of the Protocol Providers, and then click Save to return to the User Service Providers details.
    1. When delivering a notification, xMatters will attempt to deliver a notification to the first Protocol Provider in the list for the number of times specified in the Maximum number of retries setting on the Protocol Provider details page. If all of these attempts fail, xMatters will attempt to deliver to the next Protocol Provider in the list.