Import data

You can use the xMatters web user interface to import XML spreadsheets of user information or other data directly into the xMatters database. The Import Data feature provides a quick way to import records without having to enter data into the system manually, one record at a time.

If you need to import large amounts of data (i.e., in excess of 1,000 records), it is recommended that you use the Data Synchronization feature.

You can use the Import Data feature to import the following information from the spreadsheet:

  • User information: User ID, first and last name, site, role, phone ID, and up to five devices, including the service provider for each device.
  • Group information: Group names, descriptions, and default time zones.
  • Group Member information: the users to assign to each group.

For information about how to format the data for import and correct any errors in the imported data, see Format spreadsheets. For instructions on using the Import Data page in the web user interface, see Import your data.

In multiple-Company deployments, you can use the Import Data feature to add data to only one Company at a time.