Manage device names

You can manage device names using the Device Names page. This feature allows you to add as many device names as you need and to standardize device naming conventions for all users.

Also, for security reasons, your organization may not want users to configure personal devices. In this case, you might use this feature to limit configurable device names to "Work Email", "Work Mobile SMS", "Desk Phone", and so on.

To view and manage device names:
  1. On the Device Types page, click the name of the device type you want to view or manage.
  2. On the Device Names page, do one of the following:
    1. To remove a device name, select the check box next to the device names you want to remove, and then click Remove Selected.
    2. To add a device name, click the Add New link to view the Device Name Details page. Specify a Name and Description, and then click Save.
    3. To modify an existing device name, click its name in the table to view its details. Modify the name and description, and then click Save.

Note that if you are adding an email device name, you can also specify a list of acceptable domain names, as described in Specify a whitelist of email domains.

Defining device names