Set country code overrides

You can set country-specific overrides for the HTTP xMatters SMS protocol provider's source address: if a country override exists that matches the country specified for a user's text phone device details, the protocol provider will use the source address overrides.

You can also use the country code overrides to specify a different request body or name/value parameters. If a country code override has no defined body or parameters on the Country Override Details page, then requests using that country code will use the body or parameters defined on the protocol provider. If a country code override includes a defined body or parameters, requests using that country code will use ONLY the configuration defined on the override page and none of the protocol provider's body or parameters.

You cannot change the request type on the protocol provider if you have already defined country code overrides. Ensure that you have completed and saved your protocol provider configuration before creating overrides.

For example, assume that you have a protocol provider set with two default parameters, ParamA and ParamB, A US country override is configured with no defined parameters, and a Canada country override is configured with one parameter, ParamC.

  • When sending a message to the US, the provider will use ParamA and ParamB.
  • When sending a message to Canada, the provider will use only ParamC.

This feature requires that you have configured simple SMS replies, as described in Configure simple SMS replies.