EPIC Status Report

The EPIC status report provides a summary of the EPIC jobs in the system and allows Super Administrators to manage EPIC synchronization jobs, including aborting the current EPIC job and removing pending EPIC jobs from the queue. The EPIC status report works in conjunction with the synchronization report. For more information about the synchronization report, see the xMatters Onliine help.

The EPIC status report displays a snapshot of the EPIC job that is currently in progress, including a progress bar that visually represents the number of records that have been processed. Perform one of the following actions to view and manage EPIC jobs:

  • Click Abort Job to stop the current EPIC job.
  • Click Queue to view a list of pending EPIC jobs. From here you can remove an inactive EPIC job from the queue.
  • Click History to view a list of EPIC jobs that have recently completed. From here you can click the name of an EPIC job to view the synchronization report for the EPIC job.